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Skilixir XT Marine Liquid Collagen (5000 MG)

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THE ORIGINAL #1 LIQUID COLLAGEN PEPTIDES SUPPLEMENT – SKILIXIR is the original and #1 best-selling liquid collagen drink from the house of the original collagen makers. Skilixir XT, is SUGAR-FREE& each 30 ml dose is power-packed with types 1 & 3 marine collage ensuring SKILIXIR XT is the best choice for your everyday beauty & health regime.


Hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides (pieces of protein) are smaller than other sources and consequently, 1.5 times more easily digested, absorbed, and distributed throughout the body. When consumed, it is absorbed into the bloodstream through the small intestine and carried throughout the body. In particular, it is taken to the dermis, where it can remain for up to 14 days. Here, it stimulates the multiplication and motility of fibroblasts, increases collagen production including fiber density and diameter, increases hyaluronic acid production, and activates protection against UVA radiation.

Key Benefits

* Reduces the appearance of wrinkles

* Improve hair volume, thickness & strength.

* Support your skin’s natural collagen production

* Boosts your energy and immunity

* Helps to keep skin, nails, and hair healthy

* Reduce PCOS symptoms

* Skin hydration & elasticity

* Help restore and maintain healthy skin.

* Aids in weight loss

* For healthy bones, joints, and connective tissues


* 5000 mg Marine Collagen

* Water

* Stevia

* Resveratrol

* Hyaluronic Acid

* Concentrated Peach Juice

* Tremella Fuciformis

* Vitamin C

* N-acetyl-D-Glucosamine

* Malic Acid

* (INS 296)

* Citric acid (INS 330)

* Vitamin E

* L-Glutathione Grade A (USA)

* Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose (INS 469)

How to use

Take 1 -2 bottles daily in the morning, on an empty stomach

Shake well before use. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Product Information

Formulated & Marketed By: Skin Project Pvt. Ltd.

405 Windfall, Sahar Plaza Complex, JB Nagar Andheri (E), Mumbai 400059

(FSSAI: 10020022011109)

Manufactured By: Biovedix Corporation

Peenya Industrial Area, Bangalore, 560 058

(FSSAI: 11217332000499)

Country of Origin: India

Concentrated Liquid Marine Collagen

Beauty wrapped up in a pretty little bottle- one shot holistic beauty.

  • GMO

    Non GMO

  • Keto Friendly

    Keto Friendly

  • Gluten-Free





  • GMP Certified

    cGMP Certified

  • Recycle

    Sustainable Packaging

  • No Sugar


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India's 1st Liquid Collagen

From the house of the original collagen makers, Skilixir is India's Original Liquid Collagen. Try it today.

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