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Gleamfizz Vitamin C Supplement

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Gleamfizz is India’s 1st and only non-acidic, natural, and gentle Vitamin C, effervescent tablet formula enriched with Zinc & Selenium for added immunity support. Each vegan tablet is formulated with natural Vitamin C from rosehip extracts, acerola cherries, and bioflavonoids for easy consumption and even distribution in the body. 


Gleamfizz is a vitamin C-packed supplement that lasts longer in the body than synthetic vitamin C.  More bioavailable in both the blood and liver, it boosts your immunity consequently reducing the risk of diseases. In comparison to artificial ascorbic acid which has a shorter lifespan within the body (only staying in its full and effective form for about two hours) our natural vitamin C in endorsed with the freshness of nature. Vitamin C is particularly important for maintaining healthy-looking skin since the cells utilize it to protect from stress caused by pollution, smoking, and UV rays. 


Powerful Immunity Booster

Reduces your risk of chronic disease

Helps manage high blood pressure 

Endorses production of natural collagen

Lowers your risk of heart disease

Reduces blood uric acid levels and helps prevent gout attacks

Helps prevent iron deficiency

Protects memory and thinking ability

Anti-aging: reduces cellular damage and aids in tissue repair


Food Acid (330), Mineral Salts (500), Sodium Ascorbate, Dextrose, Citrus Blend Extract (Rosehip extract, Acerola Cherry, Emblica Officinalis, Citrus Bio flavonoid, Orange) Phosphatidycholine, Natural and nature identical orange flavor and L-selenomethionene

Other Ingredients

INS 96, INS 968, INS 330, INS 500ii, INS 211, INS 594, INS 95iv, INS 110,


How to use

Dissolve 1 tablet a day in 200ml of water and wait until it disappears to drink. 

Product Information

Formulated & Marketed By: Skin Project Pvt. Ltd.

405 Windfall, Sahar Plaza Complex, JB Nagar Andheri (E), Mumbai 400059

(FSSAI: 10020022011109)

Manufactured By: Biovedix Corporation

Peenya Industrial Area, Bangalore, 560 058

(FSSAI: 11217332000499)

Country of Origin: India


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1000 MG Bioactive | 20 Effervescent Tablets

The world's 1st non-acidic vitamin C enriched with rosehip, acerola cherry, and more.

  • GMO

    Non GMO

  • Keto Friendly

    Keto Friendly

  • Gluten-Free





  • GMP Certified

    cGMP Certified

  • Recycle

    Sustainable Packaging

  • No Sugar


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