Marine Collagen

With advanced biocellular technology, Skin Project actualises the vision of clean, sustainable marine collagen for age-defying haute-rejuvenation.

Our Promise Of Quality

Mercury waste is often dumped into the oceans across the world. It harms the fish and marine life in the deep seas contaminating the collagen content. We utilize only premium collagen from the mercury-free seas of Libya that has undergone a process of hydrolysis to ensure clean, bioavailable marine ingredients.


The largest concentrations of types I & III collagen are found in the scales of fish. Typically discarded by the fishing industry, utilizing these scales ensures that we never harvest directly from the oceans allowing us to preserve its biodiversity and recycle waste.

Blue Bio-Technology

Through advanced blue biotechnology, we organically gather molecules from fish and reproduce them in vitro. This clinically proven process ensures high performance in the body and consistent results.