Build a Healthy Skincare Routine

Build a Healthy Skincare Routine

The road to healthy skin is one you have to choose everyday. Whether it's before you start your makeup for the day or even if you're just staying in, you need to build a good skincare routine to follow. 

It's very important to understand your skin type because there really isn’t any perfect formula or a one-size-fits-all deal when it comes to skincare. Is your skin dry or oily? Maybe it's plain but sensitive. If you know what your skin needs, a compelling skincare routine doesn’t have to involve too many products. Once you know the products best suited for your skin, it's only a matter of minutes for application. 

Here are the basics for building a healthy  skincare routine along with some helpful skincare tips. 

1. Clean

Wash: Start by washing your face; it's the most basic step. Our face comes in contact with lots of different types of pollutants during the day and even at night. Gently cleansing your face with just warm water can help get rid of excess dirt and grime. It might surprise you how much dust collects from just an hour in the sun. 

2. Enhance

This step helps nourish your skin and face with the proteins or vitamins that it might lack. It involves toning your skin and applying a serum. 


Balancing the various tones or colors of your skin is called skin toning. It helps get rid of unwanted black or dark skin. Nowadays, a toner is also used as a kind of supplement to give your skin some of the nutrients that you might skip in your diet. It’s like an easy-apply power step that is vital to your skincare routine. 

The first skincare tip any expert will give you is to get a good toner. They should be put on before you start anything else so it can give you a clean base for the day. You need your skin to look smooth and shiny, not flaky and dry. That’s why for your daily routine we recommend you find a toner that works to maintain the pH of your skin. Why you ask? Well, your skin’s a little acidic and that helps fight bad microbes and get rid of free radicals that boost the aging process.

Various products can be used for this step of the process including soaps, creams, and face washes. Exfoliating toners have special formulas for removing dead skin but you should only use these at night since it puts your skin in a vulnerable position. Most other products can be used once or even twice a day.


  • Serums are a lifesaver for getting rid of your skin problems and therefore a must-have for your skincare routine. They are packed with ingredients that target and treat specific problems from dark skin to acne prone skin. 
  • For example, a product with hyaluronic acid is useful for locking in water and vitamin C helps brighten your color for more plump, natural skin. These are good for dry skin. 
  • For oily, acne prone skin choose a serum with salicylic acid or retinol. This helps shed the dark or dead skin cells at the top and cleans out pores and pimples. It can even decrease redness or swelling if necessary.
  • A tip for your skin most serums are water based and can be put on before the rest of your skincare routine. Others are oil based and should go on after you moisturize. This helps your skin stay hydrated, not oily.

3. Target

It is crucial that you target certain parts of your skin and treat them accordingly during our skincare routine. If the top half of your face has dark skin then you shouldn’t apply creams that work to treat hyperpigmentation to the rest of your face. 

Eye creams: Specialized eye creams can target serious issues like dark circles or wrinkles. They are usually thinner than moisturizer, so you’ll want to put them first. Target your eyebags by using a roller to apply the creams. This will counteract puffiness in the morning. 

Spot Treatment: Acne can be treated with spot treatment. Unnecessarily using creams all over your face will only introduce excess products to it. Instead, apply your personalized creams or serums only to acne prone areas of your skin. Do this at night so as to give your skin time to relax afterwards. 

4. Moisturize

No skincare routine is complete without a good moisturizer. You need one that will both hydrate your skin and strengthen your skin. A moisturizer will also lock in moisture and prevent a pileup of your makeup. 

A thicker cream might be better for those with dry skin and almost everyone should use a cream during your nighttime routine. If you have any face oils that you want to apply you should apply them at this point. If you put it on earlier, your skin won’t benefit from any other products because they won’t penetrate the oil. 

Sunscreen is essential for complete skincare. Without it, our skin is left helpless against the sun. We need protection from UV rays and so no matter how long it takes, never leave without sunscreen. Not using sunscreen is one of the reasons for premature aging of the skin. It can even lead to various cancers or other diseases. Make sure to choose a sunscreen that has complete protection but fewer chemicals. 

It won’t take too long but a personalized skincare routine is a must.  Day and night your skin works to protect you. Take some time to figure out your skin type and craft the perfect skincare routine so you can give back to it what it deserves.  Remember to cover all the essential steps: cleaning, toning, enhancing, and moisturizing. It's how you’ll build a healthy skincare routine!

Healthy Skincare Routine Infographics

Healthy Skincare Routine Infographics
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