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House of Misu talking about collagen and Skilixir

                                          Source: Houseofmesu from Instagram

My skin and hair benefit most from what I put into my body! So many of you guys ask me what I do to keep my hair thick and lustrous or my skin clear and glowing. It all comes down to a healthy balanced diet and a little help every now and then from my good friend Collagen. Now let me tell you guys a little about this miracle ingredient. It boosts metabolism, reduces fine lines, strengthens your nails and makes your skin look radiant. Our go-to brand has been @skinprojectofficial and they have two different kinds of Marine collagen supplements you can take. The first is the Skilixir which comes in a month's supply and is in liquid form.

It absorbs into your body quickly and has extracts from the Silver Ear Mushroom which is the best form of edible hyaluronic acid and works like magic for the skin. The other form is the powder which can be dissolved into water or your smoothie and drunk in the morning. It has probiotics that promote gut health and Bioton which helps strengthen your hair, nails and skin barrier. It's also sugar-free!!

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