9 Reasons Why Red Berry Collagen is the Best!

Top 9 Reasons Why Red Berry Collagen is the Best for You

On the hunt for a collagen peptides powder? The market is really large and it's easy to be misguided. Collagen is an essential protein found mainly in our connective tissue. You need it to maintain the integrity of your skin, bones, hair and more. Lots of collagen companies sell supplements that promise results but the journey to the right collagen is a difficult one. 

Our Red Berry collagen is a collagen supplement made with the extracts of various red berries that helps your skin glow. It has premium ingredients and a barrier breaking formula that incorporates Swiss cellular technology for the best all around results. 

We’d say it's the best starting point on your road to healthy, glowing skin, but don’t trust us- Red Berry collagen has more than enough to say for itself. Take a look at some of the reasons you just have to try it! 

9 Reasons Why Red Berry Collagen is the Best!

1. Contains hydrolyzed marine collagen

The two major types of collagen are bovine and marine collagen. Like the names suggest, bovine collagen comes from the hides of cows while marine collagen comes from the smooth skin of fish. Skin Project specializes in marine collagen so our Red Berry Collagen comes from fish.

The fishing industry generates waste in large quantities everyday. Our collagen utilizes this waste and turns it into usable collagen. Since this raw collagen is made up of large peptides that are hard for the skin to absorb, it is then hydrolyzed or broken down into smaller particles. These go straight into the bloodstream and stay there up to 14 days. This collagen helps rebuild the extracellular matrix and strengthens skin for healthy, hydrated care. 

2. Provides a wide range of health benefits.

Marine collagen has a wide range of benefits. These include everything from maintaining the skin’s elasticity to healthifying the joints and bones. 

Red Berry Collagen powder includes extracts of strawberries (good for hydrating skin), cranberry (increases natural production of collagen), raspberry (naturally exfoliates dead skin cells) and exotic goji berries (prevents UV damage to cells). 

It also has biotin, hyaluronic acid, probiotics, vitamin C and vitamin D. Biotin, a proven hair essential and other probiotics help nourish hungry hair. Together with vitamins, they strengthen nails and help them grow longer. 

3. Pescatarian-friendly, gluten-free, and non-GMO products

That’s right. Our collagen is sourced from open water fish and harvested fresh every month from waste from the fishing industry. No harm was done in the production of this collagen! 

4. Red Berry collagen is sourced from only the finest ingredients

The ingredient list is quite long in our marine Collagen but each material is sourced naturally. With marine collagen from the seas of Libya to bio-hyaluronic acid found in silver ear mushrooms from the dense forests of Japan, our ingredients come from across the world. Non-GMO berries grown in large fields help hydrate and nourish your skin. With premium materials you can expect quality when it comes to our products. 

5. Has all three types of amino acids that are needed for Healthy skin

Your skin needs three different amino acids to produce collagen on its own- lysine, glycine and proline. With these three ingredients, the body can maintain its collagen levels even if they naturally decrease. 

6. Red Berry collagen has been shown to help maintain joint health in elderly patients

Our Red Berry Collagen powder is customer-backed. Here’s what our customers have to say about it: “I’ve been taking Red Berry Collagen Supplements for almost a year now and the results I’ve seen are amazing. My skin glows and I’ve even seen noticeable change in ”

7. Reduces risk of arthritis and relieves joint pain

Cartilage is a connective tissue found throughout the body. The cartilage protecting the joints wears down as you age. Collagen is rumored to strengthen these points and help ease joint pain or even arthritis. Red Berry Collagen with 5000 mg collagen is good for fortifying the cartilage. 

8. Radiant, youthful skin

The biggest benefits of collagen lie in the way it transforms your skin. Collagen with hyaluronic acid, glutathione and a mix of various red berries. It rebuilds the intercellular matrix and tightens the skin. This gets rid of wrinkles and fine lines giving it anti-aging benefits. With marine Collagen, you can enhance the overall quality of your skin. 

9. Lastly, red berry collagen tastes delicious!

What do you get when cranberries, strawberries, goji berries, and raspberries come together to form a unique blend of goodness? You get the delicious sweetness of years of research come to fruition. A formula made with utmost love and care our Red Berry Collagen Supplement is a sweet gift from our family to yours. 

So, those were the facts. You’ve got all the deets on Red Berry and why it's THE supplement for you but the question remains- how do you take it? 

How do you take Red Berry Collagen?

Red Berry Collagen powder is one of the easiest supplements to take! It comes in the form of a powder in 30 individual sachets for one month. Here are some of the different ways you can incorporate it into your diet: 

  • Mix Red Berry Collagen powder into different smoothies for natural sweetness and collagen goodness. Try a banana and berry smoothie or a green veggie smoothie for added health benefits. 
  • Add Red Berry Collagen to your baking recipes! All baked goods taste better with a little collagen- especially baked oats. Baked oats are a staple when you are on a diet and with collagen, they just become more effective. 
  • Red Berry Collagen powder can be mixed into a glass of water. Just a sachet into a glass of normal water and you’ll never go wrong. 
  • Take it as is: Why mix when you can enjoy the raw sweetness of berries and taste the berries melt in your mouth when you crunch the powder? Open, pop, crunch! That’s the way to go.


Your journey in supplements is an important one for your own health so you should have your facts straight before diving into the world of collagen. From knowing the types of collagen to trusting the brand you get it from, we make sure you know exactly what you are signing up for. Our Red Berry Collagen powder is a customer-friendly premium collagen that guarantees healthy skin, hair, nails and more! But, don’t take our word for it- try it out for yourself! 

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