5 Amazing Benefits Of Calcium Supplements: Facts You Need To Know

5 Amazing Benefits Of Calcium Supplements: Facts You Need To Know

Calcium is extremely important for your body. As a child, you’ve probably been told to drink milk because it is rich in calcium but it is so much more than just that. Calcium is the most abundant mineral in our body and it is kept in our bones, teeth and even nails. Food is our primary source of calcium because our body cannot manufacture it on its own. Calcium supplements are also manufactured to support your diet and provide your body with the essential mineral. 

Calcium plays a critical role in the way your body functions and it is needed in almost every part. It helps circulate blood, move muscles and release hormones. Imagine if we couldn’t do those things because we didn’t intake enough calcium. That’s why calcium supplements are important- they help cover the lack of calcium in our diets. The importance of these additives is spreading and many people have already added them to their daily routines. If you’re still deciding, here are five amazing benefits calcium supplements you need to know.

5 Amazing Benefits Of Calcium Supplements

1. Bone Health & Bone Strength

Bone density is the measure of the amount of minerals- mainly calcium and phosphorus- is in your bones. These minerals keep your bones strong and healthy. Without them the bone would be weak and brittle. A lack of calcium can even lead to diseases like osteoporosis- a common condition that cannot be cured characterized by bone loss or weak bones. A standard treatment option is calcium supplements which can make up for the lack of minerals in your body. It is generally recommended to maintain a healthy diet of calcium.

Calcium makes up almost 65% of our bone tissue which makes it very important to bone strength. If your diet lacks calcium, your body will take the calcium stored in your bones and teeth and utilize it elsewhere like in your bloodstream or for your muscles. That leaves your bones weak and vulnerable. Calcium supplements can support your bodily functions and provide adequate amounts of calcium throughout. Your bones can keep the calcium they need and there is enough leftover to go around, all thanks to calcium supplements! 

2. Reduce Joint Pain

Joint pain troubles even the best of us and it is really hard to improve it. Especially in the elderly, it is a common ailment. As we age, our calcium slowly deteriorates naturally.  Preparing ahead of time and maintaining a healthy intake of calcium through supplements is a good way to prevent weak joints in old age. There are even calcium supplements that focus on repairing joints and providing support. That means your joints won’t ache as much even when you get older! 

3. Helps Improve Metabolism

Metabolism envelops the processes that happen in our body to keep it alive. Metabolic processes include breathing, cell regeneration, and even digesting food. All of this requires energy. Calcium provides our body with small amounts of thermogenesis or heat. That can boost metabolism as it helps our body burn fat.

Data shows if you have less calcium in your body, you might have a higher body weight. If you take proper calcium supplements, some studies suggest that you can reduce weight gain. One theory says that dietary calcium increases lipolysis thereby accelerating weight loss but more information is still required to confirm whether calcium supplements can actually improve metabolism on a larger scale.

4. Muscle contraction 

Ionized calcium is an important part of muscle contractions. The calcium molecule has an extra positive ion which is essential for getting messages or transmitting signals from the nervous system to the muscle. A rise and fall in voltage in our cells releases calcium stored in our muscles which allows for other chemical reactions that lead to muscle contraction. If you are deficient in calcium, then taking calcium supplements can help smooth things along so that your muscles function properly. 

5. Cardiovascular system

Calcium supplements can aid almost anywhere that calcium is required including the heart. We’ve talked about calcium supporting muscle movements and that’s exactly what it does for the heart muscles. Calcium is also responsible for activating various things and plays an important role in blood clotting. Not only that but various studies have shown that taking calcium is good for lower blood pressure.  

People lead very busy lives these days and maintaining a proper diet is becoming almost impossible. This leaves us vulnerable to deficiencies in calcium like hypokalemia. To overcome this, calcium supplements are a great option. They are easy to take and extremely effective. The calcium your body gets from supplements can also be used in your cardiovascular system and so they are helpful in more ways than one. 

No matter where your body requires calcium, calcium supplements can always be of aid. Whether it's for your bones, muscles, or even for your heart, calcium supplements are packed with power to bring you a healthier body. Proper care of your body includes giving it the right amount of calcium and with so many amazing ways calcium supplements improve your health, we don’t see why you shouldn’t try them!

Conclusion : Calcium is an important mineral that plays a number of roles in the body. It supports bone strength, helps muscles contract, and even helps to keep your heart beating normally. If you’re not getting enough calcium from your diet, you might want to consider taking a supplement. When it comes to calcium supplements, you need look no further than the facts. Calcium supplements are healthy and can help strengthen your bones, improve sleep quality, and reduce stress levels. This article has provided you with a few of the most important benefits of calcium supplements.

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